Chinese Language

Chinese Language

Languages play an indispensable role in our life. And we have almost 6500 languages in the world but there are actually 7106 living languages in the world. We all know, languages are very important to communicate to anyone.

By learning foreign language a person can get an excellent job in India or Abroad. After learning any foreign language a person can be a foreign language translator, interpreter or specialist. There are many reasons a person can learn any foreign language such as, entertainment, tourism, jobs in multinational companies (MNCs), public relation, jobs in international organization. By learning foreign language a person has so many option for his/her career every day.

We are going to provide you complete course of foreign languages & first we are going to start with the language of Chinese.

Chinese is the most spoken language all over the world and after that English Language. Approximately 1.2 billion people speak Chinese.

Let’s Communicate in Chinese

In Chinese, if you want to wish someone with “HELLO”

You must say:

“nĭ hăo” (ni hao) – नी हाओ

That means: – “HELLO”

This language is mostly spoken in China, Singapore, Mongolia, and Taiwan. This language will include all levels of communication such as grammar structure, alpha structure, reading, and writing, speaking, and listening.

If you want to learn the foreign language and want to get the best job then

  • You at least need to be 10+2 or graduate from any university or institute.

If you learn foreign language you can apply for the jobs mentioned below:-

  1. Free Lancer
  2. Interpreter
  3. Translator
  4. Teacher

If your qualification is up to the mark then you can choose your career in Embassies, International Organization, Mass Communications, Public Relations, and Tourism, Entertainment and Diplomatic fields of services, International publishing, interpreters & translators, Content writer, draft member of UNOs, Hotel or other glamor industries.

There are so many career options if you go for foreign languages.