From 14th February 2019, Thursday – Till Now (in History) - Complete Incident – Pulwama Terror Attack

Complete Incident – Kashmir Terror Attack:-

Day, Date & Time – 14th February 2019, Thursday, 03:30 pm

Location – Lethpora, Pulwama District, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)

Attacked on – Security Personnel of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

Loss (Martyr) – 40+ CRPF Security Personnel

Death – 1 Suicide Bomber

Responsible for Attack – Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM)

Pulwama Attack on 14 February 2019, Thursday – We call it “Black Day for India” because we have lost our 40+ CRPF Jawans and many are injured in a terror attack in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan based terrorist group is responsible for the attack (Terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad). IED (An improvised explosive device) bomb blast was followed by gunshots in the area of Awantipura. This incident took place around 3:30 P.M. when our soldiers were going in the convoy of 78 vehicles that have 2547 CRPF jawans in it from the transit camp in Jammu and Kashmir and headed to Srinagar. The jawans were on the way on the National Highway 44 at Lethipora near Avantipura town and returning from the leave and going to their area of deployment. Suicide Bomber (terrorist) rammed his Red Colored Eeco Car that was full of explosives bombs (Approx. 350 kg) hit the convoy. It explosion was heard to the distance of 10km from the attack site. The vehicle of CRPF Jawans and the body parts of Jawans were shattered across the highway. All injured have been taken immediately to the army hospital in Srinagar that was 20 km away from the attack site. 

This is a heinous crime and attack by the Pakistan. So our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji not only condemned the attack on our soldiers of CRPF but also given full freedom to the security forces to retaliate against the non-forgettable and non-forgivable attack. 

Can anyone forget this day ever in his life? I cannot because the soldiers we lost today, all were my brothers and one of them could be my own brother who is already serving for our country. The parents and family of a soldier wait for him daily, they are worried about him daily, they miss him day and night, they cry daily, they pray for him daily. And a soldier keeps the photograph of his family members in his pocket during his duty and under his pillow when he goes to bed. We salute from the core of our heart to our entire Martyrs and their families.

Funeral of every martyr was held in his respective native place. Government of India, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji assured everyone to retaliate with Pakistan and said Pakistan has done heinous blunder and Pakistan will definitely be punished for this, and the custom duty on all Pakistani goods imported to India were raised to 200%. The Government of India urged (FATF) Financial Action Task Force on laundering the money to blacklist the Pakistan. Pakistan is the country of terror who does not understand the language of pack and friendship. Pakistan always plays the dirty game in the sake of friendship. 

Due to violent protest in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the town was placed under the curfew. Everywhere candle light marches were held by every Indian over globe. Every Indian community in different (Foreign) countries held protest outside the Pakistan High Commission.

On March 7, 2019 there is 13th Association of Anesthesiologists congress about to be held by South Asian Association (SAA) in Pakistan, but all Indian doctors denied and cancelled the visit to Pakistan. India said, it would no longer have sport cricket matches with Pakistan and Pakistan should be banned. The all Indian cine workers association urged and announced a ban on all Pakistani actors/artists/Music in the industry of India, no industry or organization will work with any Pakistani actor. And strict action will be taken if any organization violating on this. 

Some students of Kashmir living in other parts of India faced backlash after this attack, many Indians offered help to those students.

Investigation took place and some terrorist were killed by the security personnel. One was identified as Abdul Rasheed Ghazi who was Pakistani and considered the mastermind of the attack and one of the commanders of the terrorist group (JeM) Jaish-e-Mohammad. We are unable to find why Pakistan supports and produces terror and still denies any involvement and even asking for the proof from India, and warned India that any military response would be met with retaliation, and after the attack Pakistan released a video of the assailant Adil Ahmed (22 years old) who joined terror a year ago, on every social site. The family of Adil Ahmed said that they had seen Adil almost a year ago when he left the house and never came back.

On February 26, 2019, Tuesday – Air Strike took place. Air Strike came 11 days ago on February 15, 2019 when Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief (Birender Singh Dhanoa) recommended an aerial response as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the freedom of security personnel to take action as their own way. And on February 26, 2019, Tuesday, Twelve (12) Mirage 2000 jets took part in the operation that was carried out at around 3:30am early in the morning. Sources now indicate that morning 12 Mirage 2000 jets participated in a major strike on a Jaish-e-Mohammad camp in Balakot dropping 1000kg bombs and killed a large number of terrorists. Government of India tried to access damaged caused. Indian Air Force (IAF) apparently had destroyed Alpha 3 control rooms and launch pads of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Balakot, Muzzaffarabad and Chakothi.  

This strike took 21 minutes timeline:-

Hit Locations – Joint Training Camps of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM); Lashkar-e-Tayyibba (LeT) and Hizbul Mujahideen (HM).

They had emptied launch pads but not training camps. 

Balakot – 24km North West (NW) of Muzaffarabad: - 3:45 – 3:53 am.

Muzaffarabad: - 3:48 – 3:55 am.

Chakothi: - 3:58 – 4:04 am.

The Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that India would completely isolate Pakistan in the diplomatic community. 

Pakistan believes in terror kept refusing the allegation of the link to the attack. Then all countries put pressure and United States (US) condemned the attack and said it would work with India in counter terrorism efforts; it also singled out Pakistan for its alleged role in the attack. All countries warned Pakistan to cooperate with the investigation and punish those responsible. Then, Pakistan agreed and said it was ready to cooperate with such an investigation. A statement from the US Department of State noted that Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed had itself claimed responsibility for the attack and asked all countries to refrain from supporting terrorists. Russia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Bangladesh, Israel, Bhutan, Hungary, Nepal, France, Maldives, Singapore, Sri Lanka condemned the attack, so did the United Nations Secretary-General.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, “Abbas Araghachi” met The External Affairs Minister of India, “Sushma Swaraj” and referring to both the attacks – 2019 Pulwama attack and the 2019 Khash–Zahedan suicide bombing, he stated that Iran and India would be working together to prevent future terror attacks. 

On February 27, 2019, Wednesday – It was very hectic day for India, after 30 hours of India’s Air strike on Pakistan, the fighter planes of Pakistan entered in India, they planned a big attack on Indian Security Personnel. But Indian Force defeated them and one of the Pakistani fighter planes was crashed by the Indian Force. India said it had lost one MiG-21 fighter and Missed Wing Commander (Pilot) Abhi Nandan who was in the custody of Pakistani Army and India demanded the immediate and safe return of its pilot from Pakistan. 

Pakistan’s information ministry published some videos on social site showing pilot was blindfolded and with blood on his face. Another video circulated again on social media appeared to show the pilot was being beaten brutally by the residents of Pakistan. Pakistan urged India, for peace and behind the back it is attacking on India.  India clearly warned Pakistan not to cause any harm to Wing Commander Abhinandan and had demanded his immediate safe release return without any condition. India said, it will not do any compromise, If Pakistan releases Wing Commander Abhinandan without any condition then it is fine otherwise Abhinandan is a brave soldier and Abhinandan himself did not want to be released if Pakistan kept any condition in front of India.

March 1, 2019 – Under Immense pressure of all the quarters on Pakistan, Pakistan announced that it will release IAF Pilot (Abhinandan) Varthaman. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan made this announcement in a session of parliament as a peace gesture. India welcomed IAF Wing Commander Pilot Abhinandan.