We as humans, think that we know everything about the things that exist around us, within us or in the world. But out of all the knowledge, our knowledge is just zero when we know about even everything but unacquainted about us, about own self.  YES, you read it correct. You may know everything about anything but you hardly know yourself and your inner power that you truly have in you. 

Today this article may change your way of thinking and I am sure you will start getting the positives of your life that you really adore. This article is not for those who have wrong and negative intentions to get their desires, because this will never work for those who think badly of others or to hurt others. There are many people in the world who want to achieve something forcefully that even doesn’t belong to them or already something is acquired by someone else happily. So my posts are never for those who believe in snatching but who believe in discovering new things and positive and long term happiness for themselves and for others too. Because sometimes it happens when your intellect may confused you, but your emotions will never lie to you. So always be genuine about your determination.

You are extremely lucky to be gifted this life. You are born to do miracles by your power of your mind. Today you should understand this article deeply because it is going to tell you about the powers you have inside you.

“The Power of your Mind”, yes you read it absolutely correct. This is 100% true that you receive exactly what you think or focus on. The biggest power that actually exists in the universe is the power of subconscious mind that is touched by the faith. Every single person has reservoir of power that enables the person to overcome or solve any damn problem he has. 

You can attract anything you want in your life. Become a dreamer is the best thing because I believe unless you dream how will you be able to achieve. With the power of your subconscious mind you can achieve anything like good health, healing, mental peace, financial independence, prosperity, status, standard, relations, blessings, work, business, jobs or anything you dream for. This is nothing like superstitious but the greatest scientific law.  When we pray from the core of our heart, things start to happen because our faith encourages our subconscious mind to attract the positive vibes and just then law of attraction starts working.  It is all about your thoughts and thinking process you get what you let your mind focus on. Always try to be positive and pure to everyone. Try spreading happiness, and happiness, prosperity, fame. Money and other positive things will start happening with you automatically. If you fill your mind and surroundings with negativity or hatred, law of attraction will work in that way but if you have positivity and feeling of love around you or in your mind you will attract the prosperity towards you. Try redefining your vision about people or the life you have, just think twice and reset your priorities in life. Focus on making yourself a positive thinker. I can bet on it, you will start achieving your goals of the life.

You Ask, You Believe, You Achieve, You Enjoy and You Live…

Take your time and set your goals about what you want to do in your life. Setting your goals in a proper way must be your first priority so that you will have clear space in your mind about what to do. Write your goal and start working on it with the positive thinking. Never say “I can’t” from today start learning say “I Do” because unless you try, you have no right to say you can’t.

The bodies you own is not even yours then why you are so worried about failure, just do your karma to spread happiness and the positive aura around you to make things done in a good way, and always think about the things will happen good. Karma is there to look after what you are doing. One should never forget “What Goes Around, Definitely Comes Around”. You have the choice on how you want to build your life. You attract into your life a reflection of what you think and what you judge. If you think people are dishonest, you attract dishonesty or dishonest people. If you are focused on sickness or illness, you attract it. If you focus on poverty, you start losing and stop gaining and start getting empty your bank account for any reason. Everything you have in your subconscious mind, it becomes your reality, so try hard to think positive always, embrace good, emotional, healthy and positive people in your life. Replace Never with Always… Replace I can’t with I do… Always say, I attract the power of the universe to get the best… I attract the power of the universe to make lots of money… I attract the power of the universe to make myself and everybody happy…

The day you start thinking like this, you will start gaining from the same day… Try and share your feedback. Write your dreams in the comment and share your stories with me.

Faith has the power, faith is the power that exists, and faith can help you to overcome any problem or situation. It works providing that you believe in it.
So, here is a lot to write but I will get back to you in my next blog with the new encouraging and true content that will show you the right path to go in. I must say ‘Make a great day ahead’ instead of having a great day ahead. Believe in yourself. None can do miracles for you but you can do it for yourself.  “I attract the power of the universe to fulfill my dreams”. 

Preety Uzlain Saluja.        .