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We provide course through learning management system (LMS) so that we keep on uploading new videos every day and you will have the access of all videos we upload.We give every facility to spread the education every area of the country. We do not charge high.We give all attention to the students who join us and buy the course till the time he/she gets his/her dream job/career. Regular right guidelines & advice will be provided to the students.We provide proper guidelines to the students.Student can study anytime, anywhere with his/her comfort.The videos are divided in parts so that a student can learn, practice & exercise the chapters and can be prepared for the tests.We conduct monthly tests & provide a score card. One complete paper test will be given to the students so that the score can be checked. We provide full career counseling.Special Attention will be given to the weak students.Special Mathematics & English Session will be conducted so often.We develop the children. We guide the parents. We take the smart classes and make the strong bonding among children, parents and teachers.

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GJP gifts learning to all learners & aspirants and their parents and teachers also, this is truly going to be a different fun of joining GJP for everyone. One will not only receive the knowledge but will make a handsome earning from our platform also and that too without investing money.

Membership with GJP - You will be provided a UNIQUE CODE and You have to share our courses with everyone, your Code will automatically will be received by the person, and if anyone buys the course through your CODE, from the purchase of second course, you will start instant earning and receiving gift amount of cash (Rs. 200/-) in the wallet account of GJP and Rs 50/- will be received by the person who buys the course. There is benefit to Sender and Receiver as well.

If member is able to achieve his/her first target to share and sell the second course, He or she will be eligible to start earning instantly, that is Rs. 200/- on per selling in the wallet of GJP. On first selling of the course – No Earning. Second Onwards – Rs. 200/- on every selling of course After Earning of Rs. 12000/- member will be rewarded with many prizes and surprises. Member can withdraw or transfer the amount from GJP wallet once it reaches Rs 500/-

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