Do You Know The Reason Behind The Salutes Of Army, Navy & Air Force ?

Do You Know The Reason Behind The Salutes Of Army, Navy & Air Force ?
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salute (Salaami) is a gesture of Faith; Trust; Respect & Honor among
soldiers which uplift & motivate a satisfaction for the entire world. We
are sure about our safety & security just because of our Soldiers.
establishment of Indian Service was on 1st April 1895. Let me give
you a surprised behind the salutes of our Tri-services Salutes Forms.

  • Indian Army (Armed Force/Military)
  • Indian Navy
  • Air-Force

  • Indian
    Army (Armed Force/Military)

In Indian Army, a salute
is honored by straight opened palm gesture with the weapon in hand, with
fingers and thumb together. Not only it builds trust among the personnel but
also our soldiers tell the world that even if they are standing for the country
service without weapons, all countrymen can trust on them for the safety &
  • Indian

In Indian Navy, a salute
is shown by the palm facing the ground or downward to the forehead, because in
old era all navy soldiers are used to work on ships with oils or grease and hands
of all sailors get dirty, hard and harsh. So this is the reason they try to
hide their hands while saluting. And another reason is- The way ship floats on
water smoothly and straight forward, so does salute.
  • Air-Force

In Air Force, a salute is
shown as same as Indian Army but later in 2006, there was a change in the
salute of Indian Air-Force. Now the new salute is shown by palm at a 45 degree
angle towards the sky to convey this message to the world that the Salute is
showing the reach towards the sky the way Air-Force Plane flies

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