Indian Politics and Constitution

Indian Politics and Constitution
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  • Which schedule of the constitution of India deals with Powers, Authority and responsibilities of Municipalities ?  Twelfth Schedule

  • The provision of adjudication of disputes relating to waters of Inter States river or river valleys is laid down in:  Article 262

  • India is a republic, that means :The head of the state in India is indirectly elected for a fixed period

  • The ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution of India have been taken from :The French Revolution (1789)

  • Whose remarks are these-the Preamble is the horoscope of our sovereign democratic republic? K.M Munshi (a member of the Drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly)

  • Which part of Indian Constitution is described the Magna Carta of India ? Part III containing Fundamental Rights (Article 12-35)

  • Which Article of the constitution defines the term “State” in Indian context ? Article 12

  • The Right to Property was deleted from the list of Fundamental Rights by :44th Constitutional Act 1978

  • The only State in the Indian Union which has its own separated State Constitution is Jammu & Kashmir

  • A person to be eligible for election as president of India should have completed  :35 years of age

  • Granville Austin has described the Directive Principles and the Fundamental Rights as:The Conscience of the Constitution
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