List Of Books And Author’s Name

List Of Books And Author’s Name
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   Book Name                     Author Name

  1. A Bend in the River                               V. S. Naipaul
  2. A Bend in the River                               V.S.Naipaul
  3. A Gift of Monotheists                            Ram Mohan Roy
  4. A House for Mr.Biswas                          V.S.Naipaul
  5. A Journey                                           Tony Blair
  6. A Minister and his Responsibilities            Morarji Bhai Desai
  7. A Nation is Making                     Surendra Nath Bandhopadhye
  8. A Pair of Blue Eyes                               Thomash
  9. A Passage to India                                E. M. Foster
  10. A Revenue Stamp (autobiography)          Amrita Pritam
  11. A Strange and Sublime Address               Amit Choudhary
  12. A Suitable Boy                                     Bikram Seth
  13. A Tale of Two Cities                             Charls Dikens
  14. A Voice of Freedom                              Nayantara Shehgal
  15. A week with Gandhi                              L. Fischer
  16. Adventures of Sherlock Homes                Arther
    Canon Doel
  17. All the Prime Minister’s Men                   Janardan Thakur
  18. Allahabad Prasasti                                Harisen
  19. Amitabh- the Making of the Superstar    Susmita Das Gupta
  20. Amukta Malyad                                   Krishna Deva Raya
  21. An Unknown Indian                              Nirod C. Choudhary

Books And Authors Name

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