Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
January 2, 2013 No Comments Uncategorized Preety Uzlain
We understand and acknowledge your privacy and alpha-beta promises to keep your information private, the information that is provided to us is kept confidential and we guarantee to keep you information private and confidential. We never sell or rent your personal information to third parties for any marketing purposes in any circumstances. 
Please read the privacy policy why and what personal is stored with us.
Most of our lessons are free and easily available on our website and YouTube channel however if you are a student who has purchased our DVD course then we would like to inform you that you details such as phone number, address and email address is kept in our database just to deliver our DVD course to your address. We maintain our records so that we can assist you in future if any help is required regarding you account.
Your Privacy is our responsibility
Your email address is used to provide access to our online video library through which you can access our all the videos once you purchased our DVD course.
Information we need
As we are selling our DVD course around the globe hence we need some of your information so that we can assist you in case of any loss especially when your email account is hacked or blocked.
Residential address if you want DVD course to be delivered at your door step (This does not apply to International users as we don’t deliver DVDs only download link is given to them)
Email address is the most important detail that we need for giving access to our online library.

Phone Number is used to authenticity of a user by giving them a call and verify if they need to change their email address in our database. 

We do provide some other freebies (Books/PDFs and so on) for what your email address is required, this is a free service that you may want to take though we don’t share your email addresses with anyone yet we don’t guarantee to protect the email address that is used for those freebies. If you don’t want to reveal your email address for those services then please don’t share your email address with us.
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