2 takes a small step to the poor children’s education and nature’s plantation. We have taken a step towards the education of the poor children by providing a special platform of learning management system that will help them in gaining knowledge of many subjects in a different way of learning. has a commitment to offer a learning management system to the poor children’s education in India with a small initiative of 1% of all the revenue of sale of the course is contributed to the poor children’s education.

We have plans for spreading education all over the nation to everyone. Age is no bar, only education matters. We will try our level best to offer the best education and the moral ethics to the children.

Apart from this contribution, we will contribute 1% of all the revenue of sale of the course to grow plants in the country. No matter which country but our aim to make the country clean and pollution free. We believe that nature gives us everything we cannot even imagine or thankful of its giving. We love to gift nature its greenery.

So, unless and until we grow success, this is just an initiative to the education of the children who are the future of our country. And another 1% is for the nature (Planting the trees), which protects us in its lap of greenery and shade.

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Founder of GovtJobsPreparation Hello There My name is Preety Uzlain Saluja, I am a native Chandigarh. I am an Educator on YouTube and Other Online Platforms. I am Post Graduated with Business Management. I work with my husband Gurmeet Singh Saluja, He is a motivational speaker and the teacher of Foreign languages. We together work on the betterment and the development of the students. We offer the best method of education to the aspirants of competition and entrance exams. We prepare the student mentally, physically, psychologically for the exams and the tests held by the Govt of India. We do not only work on the theoretical side but also work on the mental health of the students by preparing them for being a good person in life. We work on psychologically on the candidate because it became very important these days to work over the psychologically on the person whether he or she is in home, school, colleges or at work. We try to make the person strong by mind, thoughts and his skills. Our faith on our students & subscribers motivates us to offer the best to them always and we keep trying the best for them. We have helping and supporting nature and by doing this work, we have taken oath to donate a fixed percentage of the total revenue or collection for the betterment and education of physically challenged and poor children. Message to Everyone: - In the life, everyone gets many Chances and Opportunities. And you have the best chance, opportunity & place to learn, understand and follow to get the success for lifetime. There is no substitute of you and your hard work & struggle. Study like there is no other day to achieve your goal you. One who takes bath with water can only change his clothes, but one who takes bath with sweat, he can change the world someday or other. We always wish for you Bright Future. Wish you a very Good Luck!!

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